Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hold On (March 2012)

I think my eyes are better than my scanner. 
Or at least I can distinguish more values than the scanner does. It kinda sucks, the scanner.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Bread Loaves (details)

The Bread Loaves

The Image of a Face, a Flower, a Body (pinup or not) can be beautiful. I went yesterday to the Amsterdam Hermitage and saw beautiful paintings by van Dyck, Rubens and other Flemish artists. Still lives, scenery, beautiful! (this word comes often in my mind/mouth, as Im chasing beauty all the time).
What about an image like this? It’s sad to see misery, despair, pain and anger. The beauty is in you then, if you are touched by these images. Empathy is a beautiful virtue. Act on it and you become beautiful on the outside as well.
The Bread Loaves

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The term “classical” has become an insult, in the mouth of many people, including some art critics. They probably forget that even the word “fuck” has a lot of meanings.
 A new Male Renaissance is slowly happening, this time looking at and showing the male nude not as a god, warrior, pinup. It’s a reassessing what the modern man is and sharing the thoughts in the form of beautiful art. The “classical” is a style, a form of drawing and painting, is a continuation of an art that who represents the male and talks to the people. Hopefully it’s an Art that Moves as well.