Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Im finally on Etsy! It's called (the shop) NeuronValley

About the NeuronValley name and reason of being

The statues I make can be held in your hand. Medium or small in size, they cannot and should not be used as decoration or museum pieces. They aim to get involved with your life, they don't like to collect dust.

When the statue is small enough, you can wear it as jewelry or turn it between your fingers, as some people use worry beads when they meditate or pray. It is amazing how taking the time to slow down your frantic life, holding something in your hand and appreciating it, can trigger new ideas,and old or new emotions. There’s science to explain all the reasons behind that.

The carbon based materials, those that once were alive, I give them a new life: deer antler, bone, ebony, other very fine grain woods that allow details. At times, the subject demands for marble, alabaster or bronze.

The designs and pieces are unique so if you see one you like, grab it now, I won’t make another one. There’s no fun in becoming a Chinese or Thai “art factory” … My artistic nature pushes me ceaselessly, there are territories to discover.

Explaining the name NeuronValley
Silicon Valley is moving economies and politics away from centralism. Social and cultural mentalities (being human/neuron/moralistic based) always move more slowly, but people (like me) can only do what they can do,and often risk perceived by the establishment as disruptive.

Years ago, no man in his sane mind would have worn pink; even most gays were avoiding it. 
Bank managers, truck drivers, I’ve even seen a Hell’s Angels member covered in tattoos up to his shaved skull, wearing a pink t-shirt. When men peel off fears, when perceptions change, we become freer, and enjoy life better.
The Neuron Valley, my shop, is a drop in this ocean. 
What once was a symbol of fertility, manhood, force against the perils of life, has become a moral disgrace (while in private so many worship it), a pornographic symbol. NATURAL was strangled by the NORM-al. I want to correct this.

Monday, February 29, 2016

A Thought Just Crossed My Body (The Thinker)

Turning this wax statue into a bronze version costs 820 Euros. (just the bronzesmith, his labour and materials!)
The present day artist, who refuses to die, will appreciate your support. Paypal:
Thank you!