Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A toned canvas, not a modern painting

This is a toned canvas (the first step in preparing a future painting).
It is NOT a finished painting!
But if you personally knew someone like Saatchi (a rich guy who made his money from the Maggie Thatcher campaigns, and now deals in art) he will find someone who will praise this finished painting and explain you how important it is to break away from art rules, bla bla. And the Dutch will organize a conference where that art critic will be invited to talk. Because that's modern.
I dont care, there's always been someone who sells a syrup which cures cancer, combats hair loss, grows back a toe and turns gays into straights. The thing is, some people in this century still buy that. Including the "revolutionary art".
If you like the canvas I just posted, my advice is go to a home depo and buy a roll of wallpaper in that tone. No need to pay huge money because that paper roll is signed by the artist of the day.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Even Arnold is back

Schwarzenegger said "I'll be bAkk" and he is, back on the canvas. Im back on the blog.

It's been a year and a half since my last post. Im not sure if anyone reads this. No matter how important your writings are (and I dont claim mine are), very few people find you online, very few people read. Should I just type the inner voice that speaks to me right now, wearing the blogger hat?

Recently Ive been out of the house in a very populated place. It was a restaurant where I sometimes display my works. Unlike galleries, which are not my cup of tea for reasons that dont matter now, I went there and invited people over, offering drinks. My way of repaying the restaurant owner.

At one point I was talking to someone and I caught myself thinking: what an old guy! The way he looked and the way he thought. Then I realized that my papers say Im older than he was. My point is: I dont know about you, but my voice that speaks in my head right now, with the "spirit" attached to that, doesnt feel any age. I need to look in the mirror to realize Im no longer 20, I need to try to pick up something that fell on the floor... Or see a young person giving me that "fuck off grandpa" look.

However, I notice all this, how the world changes around me at a speed that very few can grasp, and yet live in my world, inside my feelings, connecting with very few but very important people for me, working what I love the most (plus the house-chores which I dont like but feel proud of myself that I can do them without being pissed off. Duty, discipline, if it comes from the inside, is a treasure. - if discipline comes from the outside, it's a tiranny).

Ive been working a lot during this time, sold a little but there we go. I still develop as artist and even if I were a complete Goya, for instance, getting the public's attention is a different matter.

Next posts will be a combination of images of my works and some words now and then.