Tuesday, December 10, 2013

if you cant get to the art level, bring the art down to you (or not)

most people who react positively (=they "like") conceptual art are bored people. They need something new to jolt them for a second out of their soup. How often can you get surprised by something you already saw or heard? Unless ur'e alzheimered, just the first time. Im fine if you want to call that art. You can even call your bed art. That's what happens when people dont get art educated: art gets down to their level, to sell, instead of lifting up the people to the level of the very few illuminated artists. People get even irritated to hear they are at "a level" but that's how it is with everything: your level of appreciating art can be one and your level or understanding android apps is another. I solely blame education (or the lack thereof) for throwing people into the world with the illusion that they can function, communicate and enjoy life. Art is a source of spiritual illumination. It doesnt preach, it has no miracles or saviors. But it makes your life better. That quality of art requires some education, which the masses did not receive. Populus, vulgus, oi polloi, Margaret Thatcher's voters, we are all at some level, a lump of dough.