Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I don't want to be challenged

I was planning to write more on the blog than I have done till now.
I’ m not sure people read blogs, though I see they enjoy images. Nothing wrong about that, I myself am image-reverberating quite a lot. No surprise I’ve been in the position of producing images of some sort most of my professional life. (just turned 50 some days ago!)

However, writing helps me order ideas, put them in a new perspective, and reading brings me in someone else’s head, which is great!

This blog is meant to showcase my work, my artistic affiliations and to promote the idea that drawing a man (by a male artist) can reflect not only on the artist himself but on the times he lives in. These days men should be able to pull their pants down and be proud of their body, regain the virile symbol of the erection and not be afraid of looking at another man’s nude because they might be labeled as perverse.

I am at the beginning of my drawing and painting career but I hope my drawings will be, apart from beautiful and joy giving, a conversation a man can have with himself.
Women often complained that men depict them in art from a male point of view. Duh! Not far from the truth is my belief that a male artist who avoids staring another guy in the cock will represent a man in a biased way. The result will tell more about the artist than about the subject.

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  1. I love your pictures you sent to "The Penis Soliloquies" Yo uare one HOT Man. Thank you. I am getting to know your blog well.