Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A toned canvas, not a modern painting

This is a toned canvas (the first step in preparing a future painting).
It is NOT a finished painting!
But if you personally knew someone like Saatchi (a rich guy who made his money from the Maggie Thatcher campaigns, and now deals in art) he will find someone who will praise this finished painting and explain you how important it is to break away from art rules, bla bla. And the Dutch will organize a conference where that art critic will be invited to talk. Because that's modern.
I dont care, there's always been someone who sells a syrup which cures cancer, combats hair loss, grows back a toe and turns gays into straights. The thing is, some people in this century still buy that. Including the "revolutionary art".
If you like the canvas I just posted, my advice is go to a home depo and buy a roll of wallpaper in that tone. No need to pay huge money because that paper roll is signed by the artist of the day.

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