Monday, August 3, 2015

Even Arnold is back

Schwarzenegger said "I'll be bAkk" and he is, back on the canvas. Im back on the blog.

It's been a year and a half since my last post. Im not sure if anyone reads this. No matter how important your writings are (and I dont claim mine are), very few people find you online, very few people read. Should I just type the inner voice that speaks to me right now, wearing the blogger hat?

Recently Ive been out of the house in a very populated place. It was a restaurant where I sometimes display my works. Unlike galleries, which are not my cup of tea for reasons that dont matter now, I went there and invited people over, offering drinks. My way of repaying the restaurant owner.

At one point I was talking to someone and I caught myself thinking: what an old guy! The way he looked and the way he thought. Then I realized that my papers say Im older than he was. My point is: I dont know about you, but my voice that speaks in my head right now, with the "spirit" attached to that, doesnt feel any age. I need to look in the mirror to realize Im no longer 20, I need to try to pick up something that fell on the floor... Or see a young person giving me that "fuck off grandpa" look.

However, I notice all this, how the world changes around me at a speed that very few can grasp, and yet live in my world, inside my feelings, connecting with very few but very important people for me, working what I love the most (plus the house-chores which I dont like but feel proud of myself that I can do them without being pissed off. Duty, discipline, if it comes from the inside, is a treasure. - if discipline comes from the outside, it's a tiranny).

Ive been working a lot during this time, sold a little but there we go. I still develop as artist and even if I were a complete Goya, for instance, getting the public's attention is a different matter.

Next posts will be a combination of images of my works and some words now and then.

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