Saturday, June 18, 2011

Drawings by Mon Graffito

Mon Graffito, me, the blogger of this blog, I'm solemnly aware that the World I experience is but a tiny representation, occurring in my brain/mind, of the world out there. Through drawing I enhance my experience of life: drawing shows the border of separation between people and experiences. Drawing gives one the opportunity to come closer to an experience which otherwise would remain foreign. Drawing is based on observation and understanding, on passion and the blending with the subject of life.
All my drawings are based on real people. Drawing in pencil is like a soft voice conversation: delicate and intimate.

Crawling. finished June 2011

Waiting for Godot. February 2011. my 3rd drawing (sort of ever)

Gypsy on a Rock. (my second drawing, March 2011)

Slayer. early 2011


Left Hanging. 2011

Who, me? 2011

Suspended (may2011)

Obey (April 2011)

Hey Mr DJ (April 2011)
Remembering (June 2011)

Blue Eyes (March 2011)

test for "Dark Intimacy"  (April 2011)

Sailor (April 2011)
Patroclus (after Davide; my first drawing, January 2011)

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