Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Here comes my blog

Im almost 50 and Im holding my dick in my hand. I care for my dick as much as I care for any part of my body. It bothers me that the dick is a taboo image subject. Why isn’t the mouth a taboo, there’s more trash coming out through the mouth than through any other part of the body!
But I digress.
I don’t remember the first time I heard I needed to hide my dick. I was told my dick is a dirty and shameful matter.
That was 50 years ago, maybe things have changed today. But I don’t think so.
Janet Jackson’s boob is viewed by a “whole nation”, for a split of a second, on TV. And it becomes an issue. Every child starts life by rubbing against a pussy and having a boob in his/her mouth. Every boy and man holds his dick in his hand, several times a day. The hand is every boy’s first sex lover. Men touch their dick for pleasure ALL THEIR LIFE! We never forget our first love, do we?
Why is it called “touching yourself”? Are you the full equivalent of you dick?

I’ll interrupt this post for the time being; will continue my ideas in the following days.

You may wonder, by now, what does all this have to do with drawing? Im a fine art draftsman and I like to draw things that I consider beautiful, that make me feel beautiful about myself and about life, while Im drawing. I hope this talk and the drawings that Im making will bring pleasure and confidence to others. And if my ideas sound weird, it’s probably because you hear them for the first time. There’s nothing new under the Sun. It’s all been said and done, in different times, in different ways. We do it and say it again, until we learn everything. It’s not enough to learn about yourself, which is a very difficult, if not impossible task in itself. You must learn about everyone else. Well, must is harsh to say but I for one, the more I know about myself and others, the more I embrace life as it is, not just as we claim or imagine it is, the more I love life.  

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