Monday, June 20, 2011

What draws?

Although Mr Louis Royo is not afraid of drawing men and the male genitals (the dick, as I think is more appropriate to call this tool of ours), he is obviously better at drawing women. He's a man, Michelangelo was a man. Michelangelo was even gay (while Mr Royo is not) and was probably afraid of drawing cocks because of giving himself up too easily.
Royo draws from pinups to fantastic art. The women are sensual and mysterious. In some works the woman is having sex with a male beast. (I let you digress on this subject.) Is it Mr Royo's desire that draws his pencil and art brush? Is it his previous observation of the female body which now works with grace? Why are his men a tiny less "real"?
What draws when we draw? The observation conducts the hand, the desire "interferes", does the knowledge of the body play the most important part in it?
Some say that a woman will never give a man a blow job as good as another man can do, for the simple reason that a woman doesn't have a dick. I dont think Im bad at bringing a woman to climax just with my mouth. I did notice though that no one can masturbate me better than I do.

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